Margebeli JSC

Margebeli JSC was established in 2009 as a holding of four daughter companies: Healthy Water JSC (est. 1997), Marneuli Agro Ltd (est. 2007), Marneuli Food Factory Ltd (est. 2007) and Engadi Ltd (est. 2005).

Margebeli JSC is a leading company in Georgia in three of its four fields: mineral water, production of vegetables and fruits and conserving vegetables and fruits. Engadi Ltd, a logistics and distribution company, has more than 11’000 points of sales, i.e. nearly every store and restaurant in Georgia.

Director of Margebeli JSC is Avtandil Svimonishvili. The supervisory board consists of three Georgian and two Swiss members. Shareholders of Margebeli JSC are private Georgian (46.6%) and Swiss (39.5%) investors, SGC Andromeda Ltd. (13.6%) and Swiss GeoCapital AG (0.3%).

Healthy Water JSC

Healthy Water was founded in 1997 by Swiss and Georgian shareholders. At that time, Georgian Glass and Mineral Water Company (GGMWC) with its brand “Borjomi” had a market share of 100% of the Georgian market. Today, Healthy Water has a market share in Georgia of some 55%. It is the producer of the mineral waters "Nabeghlavi" and "Bakhmaro". It holds a certificate of conformity with EU standards and is ISO 9001:2000 certified. It is the only mineral water producer in the former CIS-region that is approved by the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

Since 2010, exports have been the main focus of the company. In 2014, the export share of total sales amounted to more than 28%. Currently, "Nabeghlavi" is exported to 27 countries, from the US to Japan.

In Georgia, the Margebeli Group companies own the whole production chain for mineral water, i.e. from the water source to the refrigerator at the point of sale.

Healthy Water is currently finishing a new bottling plant near the Black Sea with a total area of 16’000 square meters, including new bottling lines, offices, a new warehouse with a cold storage area for concentrates for fruit juices and black tea. The total capacity of the plant is some 250 m liters per year. 

To strengthen its position as # 1 in Georgia and to scale its export sales, Healthy Water is introducing new types of beverages such as Ice Tea or Schorle to Georgian and CIS markets in cooperation with its European partner, Rauch Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co OG (Vorarlberg, Austria).

M-Agro Ltd. 

M-Agro was established in 2007 to provide vegetables for the Marneuli Food Factory. M-Agro covers the whole chain of agricultural production from seeds to fruits and vegetables. M-Agro is one of the largest owners of agricultural land in Georgia (approximately 1’000 ha). 2 ha are greenhouses with modern technological equipment. 300 ha are in the outskirts of Tbilisi and can be used for commercial purposes.

Marneuli Food Factory Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Marneuli Food Factory Ltd. has become the largest food processor in Georgia. It produces more than 30 different products, such as pickled vegetables, tomato paste, Georgian sauces, jam and fruit preserves. The company aims at introducing new products for its export markets and to continue its steady growth in Georgia. 

Engadi Ltd.

Engadi was established in 2005 to distribute mineral waters of Healthy Water JSC and third-party food products and beverages. Later on, the business expanded to act also as a distribution agent for the conserved food of Marneuli Food Factory.

Today, Engadi is one of Georgia`s largest logistic and distribution company. Among others it is partner for Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH. The company is exclusive distributor in Georgia for products such as Löwensenf, Tobasco, Reine de Dijon.

Engadi uses a specialized distribution software to have real-time information on all trades and deliveries. 110 branded light trucks serve 11’000 point of sales (restaurants, retail chains etc.), where Engadi has placed more than 5’000 branded refrigerators. Since 2011, Engadi also has run a home delivery service.