The following pages are intended for information only. They are not demands for investment. All information presented here is subject to change due to changes to the economic or political environment, due to different assessments by Swiss GeoCapital Ltd or for any other reason. The following pages are just a means to gather information on the subjects presented. Swiss GeoCapital Ltd does not guarantee that the information presented on the following pages is correct at all times. It assumes no liability for any misunderstandings or for information that turns out not to be correct.

If an interested person submits a pre-commitment, Swiss GeoCapital Ltd is helped to pursue the projects most attractive to investors. Pre-commitments are not binding - neither for the interested person nor for Swiss GeoCapital Ltd. They only constitute quantifiable indications of interest. Interested persons submitting a pre-commitment will be sent the official offering memorandum. The offering memorandum is the only reliable and legally binding basis for an investment decision.

Swiss GeoCapital Ltd does not guarantee that amounts indicated as pre-commitment can be invested in the intended projects. Swiss GeoCapital Ltd reserves the right to change the minimum/maximum capital amounts requested (if published at all) or withdraw investment projects from the list entirely without stating any reason. In the same way the timing of potential investments can be altered. Swiss GeoCapital Ltd reserves the right to make all changes to potential investment projects deemed favorable to the success of the project or for other reasons. Swiss GeoCapital Ltd assumes no obligation to state any reason for such changes nor does it assume any liabilities for investment opportunities that cannot be realized or not in the same way as intended at any time in the past.

Pre-commitments have no effect on the final assignment process. A pre-commitment regardless how high or low does not entitle the potential investor to anything during this process, in particular not to a specific number of shares or a certain share in the company.
Subscription forms are only sent out together with the offering memorandum and all other relevant legal documents.

Investments - if any - can only be made by filling in a subscription form on the basis of the offering memorandum and submitting it to Swiss GeoCapital Ltd. The assignment of shares will take place as described in the offering memorandum.